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Law enforcement treats domestic violence allegations more seriously now than in recent decades. In the past, police often simply removed the abusing spouse temporarily from the home, without an arrest. Today, in an effort to stem the violence through early and frequent intervention, most calls to police for domestic abuse result in arrest, beginning a frightening legal process.

As Cobb County domestic violence and abuse attorneys who have prosecuted and defended these sensitive cases, we understand the difficulties the parties face.We know that false allegations often stem from one party attempting to gain an advantage in a heated child custody battle or for other reasons. But once someone brings domestic violence charges, an almost unstoppable legal process begins, even if the victim later wishes to drops all charges.

The Marietta domestic violence lawyers of Smith, Schnatmeier, Dettmering, Collins & Reeves, LLP, have defended clients charged with misdemeanor and felony assault charges, quite often in cases where the alleged victim refuses to press charges.

Good reasons exist for continuing prosecution even when an alleged victim later refuses to cooperate or even objects to the filing of charges. The unfortunate truth is that abuse victims fear their abusers, who can easily convince them to risk their own safety by dropping valid charges. This is why the state does not need the consent of the alleged victim, nor can the victim simply drop the charges at a later date. The prosecution may even seek a no-contact order that prohibits the alleged assailant from contacting the alleged victim.

This is why state law leaves individuals falsely accused of domestic violence in a particularly difficult situation that can keep them from spending time with their children after divorce and can potentially send them to jail. The Marietta criminal defense attorneys at our firm understand how to develop an effective defense for our clients even as we use our experience in family law to handle other issues of a challenging divorce situation.

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If you face charges of domestic violence or assault, you can rely on our significant experience in this specialized area of criminal defense. As Marietta domestic violence attorneys, we provide options that best fit your individual needs and the facts of your case, and we work to dismiss or reduce charges and arrange plea agreements that protect your rights.