I’ve hired Mr.Schnatmeier for my DUI and misdemeanors case and he has provided sound advice and helped me to get the charges reduced. I will forever be grateful for the help I’ve received from Mr.Schnatmeier. Awesome Attorney, Highly Recommended!


I had a great experience with Rob. He took my case and helped handle it in a smooth and straight forward fashion. There were no problems and it ended up getting dismissed. Great experience!

Joan S.

I rarely write reviews for anything or anybody but Smith, Schnatmeier, Dettmering, & Reeves, LLP legal work was so excellent I felt it was important to write a review. They assisted me quickly and efficiently. They were very knowledgeable and gave me good counsel. I was confident they were going to represent me well and they did. I highly recommend Cobb County Attorneys if you want good Legal Counsel.

Noah P.

As a colleague of the lawyers at Smith, Schnatmeier, Dettmering, & Reeves, LLP, I can tell you that they possess superior trial skills and display superior ethical and professional conduct in their practice of law. I have personally known Rob Schnatmeier for the past fifteen years, having worked closely with him in the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office.
Rob is a great trial lawyer and does an excellent job for his clients. Rob and I continued the working relationship that we formed in the District Attorney’s Office and currently work on many cases together.

David M.

Smith Dettmering & Schnatmeier is the best attorney practice in Marietta and Cobb County. They are extremely bright and stand up for their clients. I highly recommend this law firm.


Robert Schnatameier was a really good lawyer for my case! one of my friends recommended him to me! I had a free consultation and he had it mapped out how he would help me and what I need to do. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time for possession of marijuana that was not mine hanging with the wrong crowd just cause I was in the car I got charged but Robert updated me as soon as he can asking questions and telling me what was the next step! And luckily he got my whole case dismissed and I didn’t have to do anything !!! Knowing how helpful he was to my case he was a big stress reliever letting me know ill be in good hands and he will take care of me. I will recommend him to others and will use him again if necessary!


Moments into my initial consultation with Rob, it was clear that I had made the right choice. Rob’s extensive legal knowledge and many years of courtroom experience were just what I needed to fight a bogus charge that never even should have been filed. In short order, Rob was able to put my mind at ease and assure me that my case would never go to trial. Throughout this ordeal, Rob believed in my innocence and fought hard to get this charge dismissed, which he was able to do after only three weeks of representing me. If you want an attorney who possesses wide-ranging legal acumen, the highest ethics and tremendous human-relations skills, better call Rob!


Robert was very caring and took the time to explain the situation, and was very attentive to my needs and concerns. I hope to never need him again, but if I do he’ll be the first I call.

DUI Client

I’ve never been in any real legal trouble in my life, so when I ran into this problem I was extremely worried and nervous. I had also never been arrested or in jail. I spent a night in jail for admission even though my B.A.L. registered 0.0. I was worried about how jobs would react and if my future employment opportunities would be jeopardized.

Worry set in worse when I realized this was going to cost money that I just did not have and had no way of coming up with in time. After much contemplation and research, I was appointed a lawyer by legal aid, who turned out to be Mr. Schnatmeier. I was still very nervous because I thought my admission meant automatic guilt and not even the best lawyer could change that.

I was very wrong. When Mr. Schnatmeier took my case he informed me he knew what he was doing and he works just as hard whether the client has been appointed or is paying for his services. This eased my concern and he was absolutely honest in all of his statements. After that first meeting in court, he got the roadside video and all other necessary information for my case and began working.

Mr. Schnatmeier only needed a few months to find out the roadside investigation had compromised my amendment rights. Soon after, he was able to get me a plea deal that would mean no license suspension. On the actual day of my sentencing I expected to spend the day day in jail, but Mr. Schnatmeier surprised me after the hearing and told me I didn’t have to go back to jail at all, for which I was extremely grateful.

Not only was he punctual in court, but whenever I would call with a question he would respond the same day. Even when his assistant informed me he had other cases and may be running late the days I had court, he was there in time. He even called me from his direct line to answer questions for me.

I was appointed Mr. Schnatmeier through help from legal aid, but the service I received from Mr. Schnatmeier was better than anything money could afford. He informed me my license wouldn’t be suspended and it wasn’t. He also informed me of how to get my license back after the case was closed. I would recommend Mr. Schnatmeier to anyone who needs legal assistance ten times out of ten. He knows the legal system well and is very responsive. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.


Mr. Schnatmeier provided outstanding criminal defense for a difficult DUI charge.

Despite the fact that I tested over twice the legal limit and was in possession of an open container, Mr. Schnatmeier comprehensively navigated the legal system over a period of 1.5 years and uncovered legitimate and ethical challenges to the state’s case resulting in a reduced charge.

Individual circumstances and outcomes may vary, but thank God for Mr. Schnatmeier.


Rob Schnatmeier was fantastic to work with. He actually did everything he said he would do during our first meeting. He stayed in communication with me throughout the process and I never worried that things were falling through the cracks. I would highly recommend hiring him to help you with your legal matters. Very knowledgable and very trustworthy!


Rob was great in handling my case! He was honest and straightforward. Rob based his compensation according to the amount of work he anticipated. He could have easily taken advantage of my vulnerable situation and charged me an arm and a leg, but he didn’t! He was extremely confident and delivered the best result possible. I would definitely recommend him to family or friends.


Robert represented me very well in court and I could not be happier. Robert is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Robert.

Eric M

Mr. Schnatmeier pretty much gave me a new life. My case was very touchy and probably didn’t have much of a success rate. I had been dealing with it since I was an 18 yr old in high school. Without going into too much detail I was forced to be on a registry for the rest of my life. I came to Rob for help in 2009 and he informed me this was new ground for him, but he would do his best and make sure I got the best legal help I could get. My first case was failure to register, a 10 yr sentence, that the court dismissed due to what I would call a great legal defense. Going into the courtroom with facts and knowledge of other cases helped me beat my case. Next was to get off the registry, because I didn’t deserve to be on it in the first place. It seemed like it took forever. I was losing hope and faith. But after years of frustration from the legal systems and courts, we finally prevailed. I can’t begin to image all the work that went into my certain case but it paid off. I told myself no amount of money or time would ever stop me from chasing this dream to be a free man with a new life, and thanks to Mr. Schnatmeier and his paralegal, I now have that new life.


Rob was great from day one. He looked out for my best outcome on every level. His paralegal Elaine was also extremely helpful. Both kept me going in so many ways for roughly 6 yrs. Rob was highly ethical on every action with my case. I would highly recommend Rob and Elaine. They are two people who really care. I can’t say enough good things about these two people!


Mr. Schnatmeier had my DUI reduced to reckless driving in record time – 6 weeks!!! When meeting with him, he listened, understood what was important to me, provided me with realistic expectations, and went straight to work. I cannot praise or thank him enough for the excellent job he did.


I would recommend Robert to any client needing legal representation regarding D.U.I. Robert was always available to talk one on one regarding my situation. With Robert’s hard work and attention to detail, I was able to get my charge reduced from D.U.I. to a lesser charge!! How? Robert was proactive instead of reactive to court orders. By the time I stood before the judge, all court orders were completed. This was very helpful when dealing with the judge and decreases time on probation, etc. Robert is very knowledgeable and responsible. I appreciate all he was able to accomplish with my case and know he will do the same for all future clients.


I have engaged Rob on two personal cases over the past three years and have found him to be extremely effective in getting favorable outcomes. As a business owner, I have dealt with many lawyers over the years as both a plaintiff and defendant, and have seen first-hand the wide (and somewhat disturbing) range of aptitude in the legal profession. I have absolutely no doubts that Rob Schnatmeier is among the best at what he does and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others based on my experience.

He exhibits the following characteristics that I believe are critical to effecting good legal outcomes:

  • Deep knowledge of the legal system. This includes knowledge of the local courts and the nuances of working within them.
  • The intelligence and ability to thoroughly analyze a case from every angle (and both sides of the legal table). I know Rob leveraged his past experience as a prosecutor in thinking through the best defense of my cases.
  • Respected by the legal community – both peers and judges. It’s my opinion that the legal system, and the eventual outcomes, are driven by the reasoning, negotiation, and interactions of individuals within the system as much as it is by the facts of the case. Rob’s reputation and respect within the legal community is a valuable asset. While it doesn’t change the facts, it helps in getting a fair environment in which to present the facts.
  • I felt that he put my interest first – above and beyond the “business” of being a lawyer. In this same vein, Rob has assisted me with other inquiries and made very good referrals to legal experts outside his area of expertise (or jurisdiction) with no hesitation and with no personal gain. I believe this is further evidence of his focus on the long term well being of his clients.

I have found personal legal issues to be much more stressful to me and my family, and potentially more embarrassing, than business related legal issues. Robs compassion and discreteness, in addition to his aptitude and tenacity, have greatly reduced this stress for me in the few unfortunate cases where I have needed legal help.

When it comes to protecting myself, my family, and our assets legally, Mr Schnatmeier will continue to be a trusted resource for me and my family. I recommend him with absolutely no hesitation.


I would be happy to recommend Rob to anyone who needs an attorney in the Cobb County area. I have hired Rob for my misdemeanors and DUI case and he was very successful in helping me get an outcome I was happy with each time.


Mr. Schnatmeier and his staff were very helpful and professional. Always kept me updated and reassured. Was always on time and prompt to show up at any court dates. I honestly never had to worry when I was working with Mr. Schnatmeier. He is extremely reliable and genuinely cares about his clients well being. I would definitely recommend him to those closest to me.


Mr. Schnatmeier is an amazing lawyer. He did everything I could expect for me and more. If I ever would recommend an attorney to anyone…Rob Schnatmeier would be the guy!


Rob represented my son on felony drug possession charges and despite a particularly bad set of facts (and history) Rob obtained the ‘best case scenario’ offer and plea. He looked at all available options and explained each one in detail. His calm demeanor and confidence are reassuring during a stressful time.

Mark in Marietta

Rob worked late into the night to keep me from arrest. Defended me for the next six months as he completely cleared me of wrongful charges. If anything happened to family or friends Rob is the first person they would call.


Mr. Schnatmeier was the best lawyer I could ever ask for! He went to bat for me straight away. He and Elaine (his paralegal) spent countless hours on my case, even when it became apparent that I could no longer afford the legal assistance. He believed in me so much that they continued the case pro bono. As the judge said, “That was very professional.” I can not speak more highly of Mr. Schnatmeier, Elaine, or their representation of my case. I never had any concerns that they were not doing EVERYTHING in their power to see that I received justice. My subsequent acquittal is the result of all of their hard work.


I could only dream that my case would be handled as well as it was. I had a DUI 18 years ago, and this one was with an accident. Mr. Schnatmeier asked me to trust him, I did, and he got my charges reduced, I got to keep my drivers liscence, did not have to do jail time, and my fine was only 800.00, once my fine was paid I did not even have to be on probation any longer. I am truely grateful for the day I found Mr. Schnatmeier and his administrative assistant, Elaine. Together they not only kept me informed but helped ease my fears by explaining every step and let me know exactly what would be occurring and when. I am truely blessed for finding such a genuine and honest person in his profession.


Rob is a professional whose expertise produced a phenomenal result for me. As importantly his caring and calming demeanor was crucial in helping me to navigate thru such a stresssful process. My advice to anyone with a problem similar to mine: hire Rob to minimize your anxiety and maximize your chance of a successful outcome.


Attorney Robert Frank Schnatmeier Jr. was thorough, understanding, consistent, and professional; all of which I’d hope a lawyer would be. Without any hesitation, I lend my highest regard because with these personal attributes I’m sure he’d be successful in defending any case. This was my first encounter with the law and thanks to him I’ve transitioned through this experience well. Again, I give my highest recommendations.


Rob got me through one of the worst times of my life. He was very responsive and always answered all my questions in a timely fashion. He gave me sound advice that made all the difference in my case i believe. I will be forever grateful for the help he gave me.


I highly recommend Rob and his staff for anyone needing a PI Lawyer. I could not have asked for a more professional team than Rob’s office. Everyone treated me like I was family and were always quick to answer my questions and worked hard on my behalf.

They were very caring towards me as an injured individual first before any business was addressed.

My settlement was over and above what originally was allowed.

I would not hesitate to contact them for any professional advise I might need in the future.


When my case begin a year ago, it was my very first time to report in front of a judge during my entire life. Safe to say that I was nervous, but after a friend referred me to Rob, my nervousness slowly went away. We sat and talked and I could see genuine concern for my situation. Rob went out of his way to ease my mind, but also keep me informed on the severity that could potentially come. Once my case was resolved, Rob has continued to make sure that I have been put in the best hands through the justice system.


I am a mother of two children and have unfortunately needed the assistance of an attorney in a couple of situations. Mr. Schnatmeier made the experience as painless as possible. He was very responsive and I was pleasantly surprised by how available he was. Mr. Schnatmeier was able to secure the best possible outcome in both situations. I would highly recommend him.


Rob Schnatmeier is a fellow attorney whom I hired to assist me in a matter in Georgia (as my license is in Alabama). Mr. Schnatmeier did an excellent job for me, and I would highly reccommend him to others. He was responsive to my questions, stayed abreast of matters in my case, and always kept me informed of what had transpired and what what was to come. He managed to work out an excellent deal in my case, and required little or no effort from me in effectuating the terms of such. He saved me time in Court and and worry over the matter. I felt confident in him, and he did not dissapoint me.


Rob got excellent results for me. I highly recommend him.


Ben, I was very impressed with how you handled everything. I understand that the prosecutor’s as well as the judge’s attitude towards our son resulted from how you handled the case. You did great work here. Thanks for helping us.