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The attorneys at Gentry, Smith, Dettmering, Morgan, Schnatmeier & Collins, LLP focus on a variety of legal areas and provide clients with a single law firm that meets their needs. We practice in the following areas of the law:

Criminal Law

Few legal issues involve more fear and uncertainty than criminal charges. With experience in prosecution, our attorneys understand how easily our clients can harm their own cases by making innocent statements or not understanding the value of their Miranda Rights. From the moment we receive a call, we remain at the sides of our clients to protect their rights during questioning. With more than 50 years of collective legal experience, we help clients through a wide variety of criminal law issues.

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Bankruptcy Law

The length of the current economic downturn affected many individuals and businesses unable to remain afloat after hoping credit and other solutions could help bridge the gap until the return of the market. Many options exist to improve the financial futures of our clients. We begin by analyzing the details of each unique set of circumstances before identifying whether bankruptcy or other options provide the best relief. In many cases, our clients do not have to face the loss of a family home or a business as we work with them to develop a sound financial future.

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Personal Injury

The stress and financial hardship caused by injuries or the loss of a loved one involve even more trauma when they result from accidents caused by negligence. We help injured clients find the right option for pursuing personal injury claims against liable parties. And while Workers Compensation laws provide compensation for injuries regardless of fault, we can help injured workers who experience difficulties with their claims—and we can pursue additional legal remedies when third parties cause injuries in workplace accidents.

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Family Law

Legal issues between family members are emotionally-charged situations, often making it difficult for individuals to think clearly and develop the right solutions for everyone involved. Our attorneys protect the rights of clients facing divorce, help ensure the best interests of the children, and provide skilled support when family members need protection from domestic violence.

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