Warrants, Bench Warrants and Failure to Appear in Georgia

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A warrant is a legal document that allows a police officer or a judge to search or seize property, arrest a person, or require a person’s appearance in a court of law. The warrant must be specific about what actions law enforcement is permitted to take. For example, a dispossessory warrant gives a landlord legal recourse to remove a tenant from the premises, a search warrant permits officers to search property for items named in the document and an arrest warrant authorizes law enforcement to physically detain a person. Our criminal defense attorneys at Gentry, Smith, Dettmering, Morgan, Schnatmeier & Collins, LLP apply our more than 80 years of combined experience to analyze the lawfulness of the warrants and to successfully rectify your situation if you have an outstanding warrant.

Arrest warrants in Georgia

Having an outstanding warrant puts you at risk of arrest during a routine traffic stop, at points of U.S. exit and entry, at your home, at your job or in another unexpected and inconvenient time and place. Facing arrest in front of family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues can be unnecessarily humiliating, especially if your warrant is for a minor offense or a failure to appear (FTA) in court.

If you suspect you have an outstanding warrant, our criminal defense lawyers search the clerk of court’s database in the county that has jurisdiction over your case. We then take prompt action to effectively resolve the situation. Depending on your individual circumstances, we may schedule a hearing for you to appear in court, arrange a time for you to turn yourself into authorities or — if the warrant is unlawfully, incorrectly or mistakenly issued — motion the court to remove it from your record.

Failure to appear in court in Georgia

Georgia laws require your appearance in court in cases involving traffic citations and criminal charges. If you do not appear at the hearing designated on your ticket or notice, a judge has the authority to issue a bench warrant to compel you to come to court. You may also be subject to suspension of your driver’s license until the Georgia bench warrant has been removed from the system. Our criminal defense attorneys schedule an FTA hearing at which we have the bench warrant cleared so you can proceed with your case without the constant fear of sudden arrest.

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