How Does Georgia Treat Serious Out-of-State Traffic Convictions?

How Does Georgia Treat Serious Out-of-State Traffic Convictions?

In an effort to protect public safety, Georgia laws treat vehicular crimes equally regardless of where they occur. So when drivers are convicted out of state for certain offenses ¾ ranging from driving with a revoked registration to vehicular homicide ¾ they face harsh penalties in Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services imposes mandatory license suspension for the following crimes committed in or out of state:

  • Vehicular homicide
  • All felonies involving the use of a motor vehicle
  • Eluding an officer using a motor vehicle
  • Fraudulent use of or application for a license or forging an identification document
  • Hit and run
  • Racing
  • Driving with a suspended, canceled or revoked registration

Drivers identified as habitual offenders face mandatory revocation of their driving privileges. Particularly if you have been convicted of DUI or other behavior that causes a fatal accident, you need to seek legal support from an experienced Marietta traffic lawyer. Even after conviction, your lawyer can help you regain your driving privileges once the period of suspension or revocation expires.

Of course, depending on the details of your conviction, the loss of your license may be only a minor concern as you face possible felony charges and the penalties that come with conviction. This is why it is so important to retain highly experienced criminal defense lawyers. The attorneys at Gentry, Smith, Dettmering, Morgan, Schnatmeier & Collins, LLP have extensive prosecution and judicial experience, allowing us to develop an effective defense for our clients.

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