How Does the Cobb County Diversion Program Help People Facing Criminal Charges?

How Does the Cobb County Diversion Program Help People Facing Criminal Charges?

Criminal convictions can have a profound effect on your ability to find a job or a place to live ¾ potentially for the rest of your life.  But accused or indicted individuals who meet a strict set of requirements may qualify for the Cobb County diversion program in lieu of normal criminal prosecution. Avoiding prosecution affords individuals who successfully complete the program with distinct advantages while decreasing the burden on the criminal courts.

The program is available to Cobb County residents at least 17 years old with no prior criminal record when they meet all requirements identified by the Cobb Judicial Circuit guidelines. Some of the primary requirements include:

  • Response to the diversion petition by the victim of the crime
  • Agreement by the offender to meet the program requirements
  • Performance of community service
  • Gainful employment or full-time student status unless the offender is a homemaker

The pretrial diversion program in Georgia does not accept individuals charged with violent or most drug-related crimes. And even after the Assistant District Attorney identifies a person as a possible candidate for the program, he or she must undergo a detailed investigation of personal history, criminal record, employment and other considerations. But successful completion of the program results in dismissal of the charges, allowing offenders to continue their lives without the stigma of a criminal conviction on their records.

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